The so called "relationship coaching" is coaching applied to the various possible relations between human beings. Being the man a social animal the relationship area is fundamental. Often it happens that we have difficulties connecting with other people or we feel misunderstood. The coach helps the person first of all to clarify what kind of relationship he wants with himself. Starting therefore from a condition in which he feels at ease with himself it will be much easier to build up the relationships he wants with others.

Of course, depending on the relationship, the way of acting can change, but the general principles apply in all cases, from the sentimental relationships to relationships at work and with members of the family.

Relationship coaching cannot guarantee success in a particular relationship with a specific person. What will happen is that the person will improve substantially the relationship with himself, as a consequence it will be much easier to have successful relationships with others.

The relationship coaching package that I offer include six coaching sessions of one hour, every week or every two weeks. We will start with the general coaching process and inside that we will use a specific process for relationships, a step by step method to be applied when a relationship doesn't work as we would like.

In the document down here I explain in details what relationships actually are and how this process works.

If you are interested and you want to take action, you can contact me to organize a free introductory coaching session where I explain all the details and what you can expect from this.