what is coaching?
A support relationship with a qualified professional that improves the person's ability to learn, to realize the desired changes , solve problems, and reach goals. Coaches work with their clients individually or in group, live or by telephone, usually in a series of planned sessions.

How is coaching different from therapy, counseling and consulting?
In therapy a diagnosis is involved and the goal is to solve the problem, coaching doesn't focus on specific problems but on your future, on what you want to become globally in the short, medium and long term. There is not an analysis of your past if that's not strictly necessary. Unlike counseling in coaching you're not told what to do or how to do it, this is up to you. The task of the coach is to provide you with the tools so that you can find in yourself all the answers that you need.

what do people get out of working with a coach?
People experience a sense of partnership and support that is often not available elsewhere in their lives. Regular coaching sessions provide people with dedicated time to focus on what they truly want and what must happen to create it.

What kind of people use coaching?
Someone who wants to make changes in his or her life, and is ready to take action. You might hire a coach for yourself when you are looking for a new job, needing to improve your management skills, wanting to increase profits in your business, launching an ambitious new project, planning your retirement, or dissatisfied with some of the conditions in your life and seeking a new direction.

What are some real examples of the results people achieve through coaching?
To love your job and be much more productive, learning to organize your time to the best finding a balance with the time dedicated to family, friends and passions. To have fulfilling and deep social relationships. To increase your confidence and learn to manage your mind and your emotions so that not only they are not an obstacle but help to reach your goals.

How does someone know if they are ready to work with a coach?
To get the most from a coaching relationship, clients need to be willing to learn new ways of doing things and make changes in their attitudes and behavior. Anyone who is open to hearing new perspectives, willing to question how they are currently acting, and ready to take on new challenges in their life or career can benefit from a working with a coach.