The life coach is a professional figure that helps people to define and reach their objectives in life in the different areas.

The life coach can be described as a strategic partner capable of establishing a deep connection and feeling of trust with the person. Using specific abilities and communication techniques the life coach induces the person to think in a different way about his life and to explore possibilities that would have otherwise ignored. The person goes through a profound change of his belief system and mindset thanks to which he becomes more and more aware of his real potentialities.

In this context it becomes easier and easier for the person to realize what he really wants in life, in general or in a particular area. Once the goals are established the coach and the person work together to determine the most efficient way to reach them. A plan of concrete actions in real life is usually realized that the person will execute regularly. 

This entails cycles of continuous improvement where after planning comes the application and analysis of what has been done, in order to identify possible obstacles and problems and deal with them efficiently.

In all the process only the person decides what he wants to obtain and how to reach it, the task of the coach is to facilitate this process and bring the person to the awareness that he has already in himself all he needs, he only needs to reveal it.

This "self-reveal" has a powerful motivational effect thanks to which taking constant action will be much easier. This is the main reason why life coaching can be extremely efficient and change completely the life of the person.