I have a master's degree in physics and I have worked in the IT sector. A bit casually I have discovered the world of self-improvement and it has been like having a kind of "enlightenment ", a moment where you become aware of a series of things that you nearly completely ignored until that time.

From that moment, mostly as "self-taught", I have tried to apply these theoretical concepts to my life, and I have realized one thing. To have some general guidelines can be useful, but to work they have to be adapted (sometimes totally changed) depending on who we are.

Here the most difficult part begins, during this process we are barely aware of who we are, we find ourself thus in a situation where we have to adapt general methods to something that we don't know (ourself).

Without a guide all we can do is try and experiment, and maybe fail repeatedly, until we find a way that works for us. This doesn't magically solve all problems, but it lets us "pass to the next level", acquiring a greater control on our life.

The problem is that the experimental phase can last up to many years, and the possible continuous failings can demoralize and make us give up (and that is what actually happens in many cases if we don't have a strong motivation).

But if we are partnering with a coach in this phase the times to find our way can decrease dramatically and the chances of success multiply.

These are the considerations thanks to which I have decided to become a coach, the desire of doing a job in direct contact with other individuals and helping as many people as possible in this path.

In particular I focus myself on https://gabrielegaris.com/en/relationship-coaching, which I consider fundamental during the process of change and improvement. https://gabrielegaris.com/relationship-coaching/, che reputo fondamentale durante il processo di cambiamento e miglioramento.